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Why It Matters.

When you look around your community, what do you see?  Chances are you see some major issues. Schools struggling to make the grade. Wilderness threatened by special interests. Resource-strapped nonprofits, every one a David to their particular Goliath.

Stronger Nonprofits

What if you had a way to accelerate your impact but didn’t have the time or the skills to share your idea? What if you knew how to package and market an idea, but hadn’t found a meaningful use for that talent? 


These are not hypothetical questions. They’re why SVP was founded in the first place: to connect people with diverse skills and shared passion – allowing each to have a greater impact than they could alone.


SVP Partners work with non-profit leaders to improve human resources policies, financial management, board governance…all that behind-the-scenes work that (when optimized) allows them non-profit leaders to fulfill their mission more effectively.



Since 2008, SVP Santa Barbara Partners have collectively given more than $715,000 and tens of thousands of volunteer hours to more than 35 nonprofits across the county.

Collaborative Solutions

Every child ready to succeed. Clean air and water. Compassionate and active citizens. Vibrant public schools. Abundant natural areas to be enjoyed by generations to come.

This is the future we want. And to get there we need a thriving social sector that works together. We need to change the way we solve problems. We have to be smarter, more connected, more tenacious.


Everyone must be involved.


Nonprofits, businesses, funders, schools, local governments, citizens…they all have a role. SVP’s network connects them together and amplifies their impact across the community, and beyond.

Amplified Giving

The problems we face are daunting. They’re complex. It has never been more important to give – your money, your time, your talent – in ways that make the greatest impact.


That’s why we connect those who want to give with people, organizations, and resources that will amplify those gifts.


Through SVP, our Partners pool and stretch their dollars, contributing more than they could alone. But that’s just the beginning. After joining SVP, most of our Partners increase their giving even more. They are more strategic, more civically engaged, and many become community leaders – applying much needed resources and skills to solving our community’s most entrenched problems.


This impact is illustrated in the results  of our bi-annual survey and in our Partners’ stories.